New Security Regime Must Focus On People

NEW SECURITY REGIME MUST FOCUS ON PEOPLE. Big data analytics will play an important role in a revision of Britain's security strategy, which is to be released today.
Big data revolves around the fact that today's computer networks are powerful enough to collect and analyse huge swathes of information coming in from all manner of digital devices. 
Data that originates with everything from mobile phones to cash registers is being used to design better public services and products.
Big data is indeed a wonderful tool for identifying patterns and anomalies in some forms of behaviour. 
However, the education and engagement of citizens, the human element, must be remain a primary focus in security planning. 
People read signals that tech cannot see. 
Without encouraging a "spy" culture, people need to be given updated information on signs to watch for, especially in large public areas.
Our security forces claim to have prevented 25 attacks since early  in 2013. We don't know how much of this success can be attributed to public awareness.
But with 500 ongoing security investigations and more to follow as terror groups, both foreign and home-grown, adapt their approaches, human eyes and ears will add to our ability to avert attacks.
It's time for the government to issue some simple but up-the-date tips on how people can help in the prevention of terror attacks. 

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