2020Plus is the London-based think tank on social change and leadership innovation. Our goal is to help forward-thinking leaders in Business and Civic life, as well as individuals and communities, to engage with future change.

We are involved in ongoing research into social shifts and forward-thinking leadership, with researchers working in various parts of the world to provide a well-rounded view on how change is impacting people, communities and business and other organizations.

In an age of rapid change, business enterprises, civic and community organisations and entire communities are looking for reference points for values and behaviour, as well as opportunities to invest in positive change. Civic and corporate leaders are looking for materials that will help them shape the future more than it shapes their enterprises.

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Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is the founder and chairman of 2020Plus. He is a respected keynote speaker, social commentator and social futurist,  author and broadcaster based in London.

As a social futurist, he tracks major social shifts and writes, lectures and broadcasts about their likely future impact on business, organisations and the wider society.

As a 'leadership architect' he regularly presents keynote sessions at major leadership events around the world and is highly regarded for his entertaining, challenging and content-rich sessions.

Mal's latest book, Fascinating Times is a social commentary. It takes a sharp-eyed look at some of the major social issues of our time and their likely impact on social ethics.

Mal has pioneered several major leadership networks in Europe and Australia, including the Strategic Leadership Consultation focusing on urban renewal in Europe. He holds both British and Australian citizenship.

His social comment features extensively in major media and press outlets, including BBC TV and radio and others in the UK, Europe and beyond. The TV series he wrote and hosted, Edges, has been seen in many regions of the world and his books have been translated into five languages.

Mal is married to Davina. Originally from Australia, they lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for nine years and now live just outside London. They have three adult children.



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