Civic & Community Leadership

At 2030Plus we believe that the future is shaped not by technology or events, but by human choices, which are influenced by community cultures - which are shaped by civic and community leaders!

The founder/chairman of 2030Plus, Mal Fletcher, puts it this way: 'The most urgent question any leader can ask is this: What kind of city do I want to live in 10 years from now - and what will I do to set that in motion?'

We provide world-class presentations for civic and community events, including conferences, summits, seminars and masterclasses, featuring the unique communication skills of social futurist, keynote speaker, broadcaster and author Mal Fletcher.

As a social futurist, he tracks major social shifts and writes, lectures and broadcasts about their likely future impact on business, organisations and the wider society.

He is the founder of several very successful community networks, in Australia and Europe and brings a wealth of personal experience to the table when speaking to or advising civic groups on leadership skills, innovation culture and staying ahead of social change. He also has the backing of up-to-the-minute research from an international team at 2020Plus.

Leadership involves staying ahead of the curve with regard to social change - we can help your team do just that!

What We Offer

A range of unique services tailored to your requirements:
Recent Keynote Presentations to Civic Leaders have included:
  • The Future is Y: Engaging the Millennial Generation in Civic Enteprise
  • Viral Technology and Urbanisation: The Impact on Social Cohesion
  • The Future of Education Culture
  • The Future of the NGO
  • Digital Immigrants and Techno-Refuseniks: The Future of Viral Communication 
  • Innovation Hubs, Mega-Regions, Cloud Cities: Cities of the Future
  • The Interactive Revolution: Implications for Civic Leadership
  • Ahead of the Change Curve: Creating Proactive Culture
  • Focus on the Future: Strategic Leadership & Social Change
  • The Social Tsunami: The Coming Decade's Biggest Challenges
  • What Kind of City do You Want to Live in 10 Years from Now?
Seminars / MasterClasses
From 1-2 hours to full day(s), tailored to your needs: 
  • The Future is Y: building a multi-generational team
  • The Age of Collaboration: skills for communication & connection
  • Communicating with Post-Moderns: using the power of digital media & social networking
Media Representation
Bringing Mal Fletcher's extensive media skills, to help you:
  • Share your ideas, research, projects and products with a regional, national or international audience. Have your PR director or advertising agency contact us!
  • Mal is one of Europe's leading social commentators: see Social Comment.
Interviews / Moderating
Bringing Mal Fletcher’s extensive experience as a TV presenter and producer to draw out the very best from your invited contributors, in:
  • One-on-one interviews and panel sessions (a speciality!).
  • Panel sessions.
Consultancy / Mentoring
Bringing the benefits and insights born out of more than 30 years of community leadership into your team on a long-term basis.
  • All sessions involve high-end media presentations.
  • Each session is shaped to address your unique context.

Booking Enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)870 766 2660
or +44 (0)115 827 7098

Clips & Photos

Watch sample clips from some Mal Fletcher presentations & media interviews on social issues: see Quicklinks.

To download promotional photos click here (zip file requires any unzip programme).

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