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Do We Really Want Cashless Only?

Moving toward a fully cashless society, driven by a growing engagement with contactless card payments, may carry significant social challenges for society in the near future. This is according to social commentator and futurist, Mal Fletcher.

According to a new MasterCard... click here to read the full news release

2020Plus To Invest in Berlin's Innovation Culture

 The 2020Plus international think tank will invest in Berlin’s growing innovation culture, at the CHR Festival hosted by Popular Communication GmbH.

The event, taking place from October 11-16 and 18-23, will focus on creativity, innovation and sustainability, attracting entrepreneurs from across... click here to read the full news release

Third Sector Leaders Demand More "Vision" in Referendum Debate

Britain urgently needs to hear a more positive vision for its future from both sides of the EU referendum campaign. Constant fearmongering will produce only paralysis in the community and block wise decision-making.

This was the consensus of... click here to read the full news release

NUS Practices Intellectual Fascism

London:  November 6, 2015 – By cancelling lectures by individuals such as Germaine Greer, whose views it deems unacceptable, the National Union of Students is practicing a form of intellectual fascism, according to Social Commentator Mal Fletcher.

In a... click here to read the full news release

Future E-Toll Style Technologies Challenge Economy & Ethics

Johannesburg: June 14 2015 – The relative willingness of South Africans to accept digital technologies potentially raises as many problems as it solves, on the ethics, economics, business and mental health fronts, according to Social Futurist Mal Fletcher.

In a... click here to read the full news release

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Press & Media

2020Plus is involved in ongoing research into many of the major social issues of our time and their likely impact on individuals, families and communities over the next decade. Our goal is to help individuals and communities to better engage future change.

As part of our Social Comment work, we provide comment for all branches of the press and online press and have a team of experienced researchers compiling material in various regions of the world.

Mal Fletcher, the chairman of 2020Plus, is a social futurist and commentator who is often called upon for expert views on social issues for TV, radio, the press and the 'new media' in various parts of the world.

His comment has featured in publications including: The Minneapolis Post (USA), Fabulous Magazine (UK), The Guardian (online - UK), Nya Dagen Newspaper (Sweden), Relevant Magazine (USA) and many more. His feature articles have appeared in publications in the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Particular areas of expertise are shown below, though we have provided comment on a wide variety of other issues.

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Tel: +44 (0)870 766 2660
or +44 (0)115 827 7098
**Both of these numbers are 24/7.

Areas of Expertise

Our specialist areas of research and comment include:
  • family issues: the place of family in society, strengthening the family
  • youth issues: including: violence & gangs, alcoholism
  • the 'new frugalism': changes in consumer attitudes during recession & the social impact of hyper-consumerism
  • privacy issues: e.g. freedom of speech vs. community cohesion, the security challenges of digital technologies
  • celebrity culture: its social impact 
  • generational issues: including the links & tensions between the major generations of our time
  • 'life-and-death' issues (e.g. euthanasia, assisted dying): esp. their social impact
  • changes in media & new media: esp. their social impact
  • likely future trends in cultural values: in the global environment
  • religion/faith/spirituality: the changing role of religion in the cultural conversation

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