Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

DEAR MR ZUCKERBERG, privacy is clearly not as "dead" as you once thought. 
As major companies threaten to pull ads on Facebook, it's clear that people still treasure the right to determine what happens to their data. 
The point here is that you don't own this information, though you've long believed that you do. 
When governments demand that social media owners like yourself do more to protect children, you and some other social media owners spin the line that you're only platform providers. 
Yet when it suits you, you behave as if you own the data on those platforms. 
It's past time that you, as owner of the largest social media group, took a lead. You should recognise that with power comes social responsibility.
Your acceptance of responsibility should stretch beyond offering apologies.
It should include remunerating people whose data has been used without their consent, for profit or peddling influence.
Mal Fletcher

© Copyright with Mal Fletcher

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