2020Plus To Invest in Berlin's Innovation Culture

 The 2020Plus international think tank will invest in Berlin’s growing innovation culture, at the CHR Festival hosted by Popular Communication GmbH.

The event, taking place from October 11-16 and 18-23, will focus on creativity, innovation and sustainability, attracting entrepreneurs from across the city and beyond. One of the keynote presenters at the event will be Mal Fletcher, social futurist, author and chairman of 2020Plus.

2020Plus is a London-based think tank which researches the future of technology, social change and leadership innovation worldwide. 

The goal of the organisation is to help forward-thinking leaders in business and civic life to engage proactively and positively with future change.

The think tank, which runs leadership development projects in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia and the US, conducts ongoing research into major technological, ethical and social shifts and publishes material to help leaders stay ahead of the change curve.

Mal Fletcher, founder and leader of 2020Plus, believes that the primary role of leaders is as cultural architects, whatever the enterprise they lead.

‘Leaders articulate a vision for the preferred future – of their enterprise and of the wider city or community,’ says Fletcher. ‘They map out a strategy to fulfil that vision and bring the right people into the enterprise to achieve the goals.’

‘In doing all of this, they create an environment in which people can flourish, taking risks and producing exciting and unusual answers to human problems.’

A major focus for 2020Plus, he says, is provoking risk and innovation and helping business and civic leaders to build cultures in which creativity is the norm rather than the exception.

To that end, the organisation has hosted several international leadership summits and conferences in European cities which it has identified as having emerging innovation hubs, including Berlin.

2020Plus has also hosted cross-sector summits in government precincts, in cities like London and Berlin. These events have drawn leaders from up to 40 sectors of industry, providing them with vital information on the future of their industries and the skills needed to meet emerging needs.

A respected leadership speaker and media commentator, Mal Fletcher says that developing the right kind of leadership will be central to building a better future.

‘In an age of globalisation, automation, digitisation and the other major shifts of our time, entrepreneurial leaders are looking for help to engage the huge opportunities and challenges of our time.’

‘The cultures we build, at every level, will determine how technology is used and shape human prosperity and destiny.’

The 2020Plus think tank also provides expert social commentary for the media, press and new media. This material features regularly on the BBC, Sky TV and other British and global broadcast platforms and in the press.

As the spokesperson for 2020Plus, Mal Fletcher lectures widely on the impact of the group’s findings. He has made keynote presentations at major leadership and innovation events in more than 40 countries.

He will appear at the CHR Festival October 19, to make a keynote presentation on “New Leadership for the Smart Age: Generational Change & Humanity's Future”.

© Copyright 2020plus.net with Mal Fletcher

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