What Major Leaders Say

"Mal is a brilliant communicator who challenges audiences with original thinking about leadership, strategy, motivation and values. He is a very experienced media commentator on a wide range of issues and is a very talented facilitator of meetings both large and small. He will bring fresh perspectives to your business and provoke you to greater focus and purpose. I commend him highly."

...Dr. Patrick Dixon
Chairman Global Change Ltd (UK)

"Mal made national research we had done come to life and communicated our findings in a lively and thought provoking way to ensure it has resonance with various media audiences. Mal was the ultimate professional throughout and his detailed level of research into our organization was impressive. We look forward to working with Mal again in the future."

...Lawrence Christensen
Head of Communications,
Benenden Healthcare Society (UK)

"Recently, Mal Fletcher made a presentation to a gathering of our clientele and key executive team members. We were amazed and startled at his insights into the current state of today’s cultural, business, and viral environments. His in depth research and predictions of future trends were greatly beneficial in the planning and positioning for our company. Mal Fletcher has greatly enhanced our ability to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, he has made a material contribution to the future success of BMCFerrell.”

...Ben Ferrell
CEO BMCFerrell Advertizing (USA)

"I regard Mal Fletcher as one of the leading thinkers of our time. He has a deep understanding of social change and cultural shift from a global perspective. And, with his extensive experience on camera, he is able to discuss complex issues with clarity and insight. As producer and host of a popular TV documentary series, he has tackled difficult topics and shown his talent in engaging viewers and surfers through an integrated approach in both traditional and new media. Mal is a gifted communicator who actually has something to say."

...Chris Busch
President, BizDreams, LLC
and LightQuest Media, Inc.(USA)

"Mal Fletcher is never satisfied with a society that is fixated on its feet: he wants to get us looking at the horizon."

...Dr. Joel Edwards,
International Director, Micah Challenge
Former member, UK Equality and Human Rights Commission

Mal Fletcher has the knack of making sense of the torrent of changes going on in society, technology and the economy.
His insights are exceptionally valuable for all those who hope to see and shape the future."

...Tim Costello, AO,
CEO World Vision, Australia

"Mal Fletcher comments on society not only as it is, but as it perhaps should and could be. Mal’s is a voice that should be heard and, perhaps more importantly, heeded."

...Mike Shaft,
BBC Radio

"Amidst widespread disillusionment about many of society’s leading voices and institutions, Mal Fletcher offers fearless thinking and profound insights about our world and our lives, in a most welcome spin-free way."

...Leigh Hatcher,
Presenter, Sky News (Australia) 

"Mal Fletcher uses his keen cultural insight to think differently about the future and to provide ideas on how we might get involved in shaping tomorrow."

...Steve Chalke, MBE
Founder of Oasis Global
United Nations' GIFT special adviser on human trafficking

"Few people have given such serious thought to today’s major social issues as Mal Fletcher. He speaks not just with real passion but with genuine authority. His style is engaging, but don’t be fooled – you should prepare to be educated and, more importantly, challenged.

Tim Cross, CBE
Major General, British Army (ret) 

"Mal Fletcher applies his always incisive mind to challenge perspectives on a wide brief of issues that define our times; our decisions about these issues will, more importantly, define our future. 

Jim Wallace, AM
Brigadier General, Australian Special Forces (ret)

"It is the task of a 'prophet' to ask difficult and awkward questions, which we would rather not ask let alone answer. Mal fulfils this unenviable task admirably!"

...Dr Michael Nazir-Ali,
Former Bishop of Rochester,
Director, Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue 

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