GOOD day for free speech

 GOOD DAY FOR FREE SPEECH. What a  good moment for freedom of expression and belief. 
A British judge yesterday urged British police to rewrite the rules on hate crime. 
He likened the treatment of a businessman plaintiff in a case dealing with tweets about transgenderism to the Gestapo. 
The man was visited by police and told that his tweeted opinions about transgenderism would be recorded as a "non-crime hate incident", and that he was in danger of breaking the law. 
Following this ruling the government has indicated that it will review the situation regarding hate speech. The plaintiff had not broken the law but was deemed to be in danger of doing so.
This episode might bring to mind the scenario depicted in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, in which potential perpetrators of crimes were removed from the scene before any crimes had been committed.
One former police chief says, "Police forces are now scared of their own shadow. Especially in relation to race or hate." 
A good friend of mine was instrumental in bringing yesterday's case together and this  ruling represents a significant chip in the monolith of neo-PC intolerance. 
It's time for this highly prejudicial and high-handed behaviour by officials, at the behest of lobby groups, to stop!
Individuals who opt for transgender procedures should not be victimized, but neither should those who express opinions about the behavior of transgender lobby groups, or transgenderism in principle.

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