O2 Outage an Outrage

O2 OUTAGE AN OUTRAGE. When platforms like O2 go down, as happened in the UK yesterday, millions of people are affected. This serves as a reminder of just how much we rely on our phones.

An OfCom report earlier this year found that on average we use our phones for up to three hours a day - depending on our age.

We’re actually making far fewer phone calls, prefering to use our phones for messaging, media and other apps. 

Phones are sophisticated computers. We buy, sell, bank, entertain ourselves all with the click of a button or a voice command.

The data packages that companies like O2 provide are becoming essential services. They should be more tightly regulated in light of that fact.

If a gas or electricity provider breaks down, there are potential legal consequences. This is because the infrastructure these services provide has become central to human health, commerce and everyday life.

We’re getting to the point where phone companies and providers of internet services should to be treated in much the same way. They will need to become much more accountable if something goes awry.

We increasingly use data packages to facilitate healthcare? Soon, we will rely on data services not just to improve general health, but for vital healthcare.

The increase in Skype doctoring and similar services will mean that phone companies will provide more than data packets; they will provide an essential link between client and medical professional.

What happens then to the elderly and the infirm when a phone service goes down? 

Phone companies, like BigTech groups, must accept the social responsiblity that accompanies the profits they make from our growing reliance on data.

Governments should stop treating them with kid gloves and start regulating them more vigorously.

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