Keeping Berlin's Next Generation of Innovators

Berlin, Germany 20 Feb 2014: International think-tank 2020Plus to stage high-level event to help shape a better future for Berlin

The international think-tank 2020Plus is to bring together the best minds in the civic, business and voluntary sectors to help leaders identify opportunities for building a better future for Berlin.

Key issues will include:

How to engage the Millennial Generation - aged 18-30 - many of whom are struggling with educational and job opportunities, affordable housing and tensions caused by an ageing population.

The 2020Plus Civic and Business Leaders Event is part of an international project, helping business and civic leaders identify challenges to future growth and opportunities for engagement with the next generation.

‘This is especially crucial for Berlin because its population is expected to age considerably in the next ten years and there are recognised areas of tension between Millennials and today's decision-makers,’ says 2020Plus chairman and keynote speaker Mal Fletcher. ‘We have to address this now, by finding ways to engage the unique talents of this generation while continuing to attract innovative business leaders to the city. The ultimate aim must be a society where everyone is valued and flourishes, from the young to those later in life.’

Among the issues social futurist Mal Fletcher will address in two keynote sessions are the enormous potential Berlin possesses for entrepreneurial business ventures and for social innovation in the civic sector.

The 2020Plus Berlin event is being staged on May 22 in conjunction with the Berlin social enterprise base The Future Minded Group. Similar events are being run by the London-based think-tank in major centres in Europe, Australia and South Africa.

The 2020Plus Berlin event will pull together invited leaders and influencers in local and regional government, business, education, public services and the third sector. It will create a significant opportunity to network – and to form new alliances for brainstorming in the days ahead.

‘The focus of the event is engagement with the future of Berlin over the next decade, looking at such questions as how we as leaders might avoid losing the crucial under-30s, persuading them to make Berlin their long-term home,’ adds Mal Fletcher.

‘Our aim is to provide a catalyst for higher levels of confidence and creativity in Berlin’s business and civic sectors. We want to help inspire the development of a natural culture of leadership innovation in the area, by helping entrepreneurs discover new skills and by enabling planners to enhance the lives of future residents. Crucial to this is engagement with the growing third sector of community volunteers.’

Keynote speaker and broadcaster Mal Fletcher is a frequent commentator in European media and press, featuring regularly for example on BBC TV and radio. He regularly addresses leadership conferences worldwide on how future change will impact business and communities.

The 2020Plus Berlin event is on May 22 at AMANO Rooftop Conference Centre – Rosenthaler Straße 63, 10119 Berlin. It will run from 9:00-12:00 (including buffet breakfast). For more information, see the website


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